Our Story

Welcome to Cool House, we are creating our own lives by embodying positive transformation and the pursuit of purpose. Founded by creative and sneaker enthusiast Shavieair, our journey began with a profound belief: it's not just about what we wear, but about living out our purpose.  


Our Story: In 2012, Shavieair embarked on a mission to help create success for many. She envisioned a movement that resonates with everyone, encouraging the pursuit of individual purpose and inspiring a journey toward self-improvement; mind, body and lifestyle. Born from a desire to change lives for the better, Cool House embodies the relentless pursuit of excellence.


Our Philosophy: At Cool House, we believe everyone has a purpose and we want to spark the creativity and purpose in everyone's lives. Our movement is about keeping a cool spirit and striving for personal growth and purpose.


Our Commitment: We are dedicated to being a source of inspiration that sparks the desire to live out one’s true purpose. Our culture promotes positivity and living a purpose driven life. Every aspect of Cool House is designed to empower you to live out your unique journey and push beyond your boundaries.


Join Our Community: Cool House invites you to join a community that believes in tapping into your purpose to transform lives. Our movement is for the creatives, those who want to live out their purpose, and look good while doing it. Join us in cultivating a mindset of keeping it cool; mind, body and lifestyle. We are a family of supporters who are self-expressive, creative and driven.

Welcome to Cool House, a house of excellence.